MTG Massive Magic The Gathering Foil Collection Lots of Old Foils PRICE LOWERED!

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MAGIC THE GATHERING FROM ALASKA CLEARLY ABOVE THE REST! BOTH IN LATITUDE AND IN ATTITUDE I Am A Seller You Can Trust! 2,000+ AUCTIONS OVER 10 YEARS ONLY TWO NEGATIVES - ONE FROM A BUYER THAT GOT A FULL REFUND AND ONE FROM A SELLER THAT SOLD ME DAMAGED COINS.   MASSIVE MAGIC THE GATHERING FOIL COLLECTION  This collection is completely cataloged,  sorted and filed in boxes alphabetically by edition using MTG Studio, the best Magic The Gathering software out there right now.  A data file for MTG Studio  can be provided to the buyer of this AWESOME colleciton on request.   Foil cards are much more rare than standard MTG cards. Virtually everyone one of these cards is pack fresh mint.  There are over 4,400 cards in this  ALL FOIL COLLECTION! This collection includes an ALTERED ART FOIL JACE, THE MIND SCUPLTOR.  It is a proxy card and not Worldwake.   You will love this collection!!!!! These photos are only of those cards worth $15 each or more Just The Top 300 Cards In This Collection Alone Are Worth Well In Excess of $5,000!!!!! Click Here For An Excel File Of All 4,408 Cards! Check Out My Other Auctions and Bid on Them! Click Here View My Other Auctions Payment Options   Pay using Pay Pal!   Shipping   Shipping for this item will be by Federal Express 2 Day and will be FREE!!!   Turn Around Time Shipping time on this collection should be pretty fast.  I should be able to get all the cards in one large  Federal Express box.  It will be to you within 2 days after I deliver it to Fed Ex! Sales Tax Bonus For You!  No Sales Tax In Alaska!   Please email me with any questions. Good Luck And Thanks For Looking 

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