Garbage Pail Kids BNS2 Bonus Sticker Cards Set B7 - B15 A and B 18 In Total

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Item Description

Up for sale is a set of Bonus Cards from Garbage Pail Kids BNS 2. We got these duplicates while we went through many cards trying to put together a set. Except for Giant Gillian B11a, FAYE Tall B11b, Crocked DAVY B12a, Bitten BRIAN B12b which came in a wrapper already, when the cards were removed from the pack we immediately put them in a penny sleeve and then inside a toploader for protection. When we ship we will put a small piece of tape over the open end of the top loader to ensure the card does not shake out during mailing. The cards included in this lot are: BRIDGET Bride B7a Just MARY B7b ALBERT Alien B8a Spacey SCOTT B8b Son Of MANNY B9a Ripe RENE B9b Riveting ROSIE B10a Propaganda PAULA B10b Giant GILLIAN B11a FAYE Tall B11b Crocked DAVY B12a Bitten BRIAN B12b IKE Berg B13a Icy IAN B13b Taser FRASIER B14a Shocked SOL B14b DAYNA The Dead B15a MIA De Los Muertos B15b

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